Phone Simulator

For cell phones & PDAs we have added a low-bandwidth (10k bytes) Wap 2.0 portal for small screen devices (Dec 2007). Although it only has a few cams now, if you log on to it should detect your phone/PDA and send you to the mobile port. Please note that portable device browsers may not render elements and graphics like a PC.
If this works for you, we'd like to know. To access the regular version of our site on your phone or PC go to Sitemap 

Tue 3:58 am

Welcome to Wap 2.0 mobile cam viewer

We are currently pilot testing using the selected cameras below

Hwy2 Hwy2w Stevens Snoqualmie Alpental Timberline Meadows Hwy26 Whistler Hwy99 Montlake Hwy520